Remember “TIPS”

As employees we have a legal right to form a union. Some employers campaign aggressively against unionization and try to discourage staff from unionizing by stalling a vote and campaigning directly against a union. It is our hope that BAM leadership will refrain from such campaigning or interference in our democratic right to choose to unionize. It’s not illegal for management to express their opinion, but typically, anti-union arguments are based on misinformation and distortion to disparage unionization campaigns. Moreover, the following actions are illegal:



It is illegal to threaten, discipline, or discriminate against employees because of their support for a union.



It is illegal to ask employees about their support for a union or about the support of their peers.



It is illegal to promise favors or benefits for a vote for the management instead of a vote for the union.



It is illegal to surveil or spy on union activity. It is also illegal to tell an employee that others have said they are a union supporter.